Welcome To The Annihilatrix

Hey all. Welcome to my non-baseball blog. I have no idea how often I’ll actually end up posting here, but this is a thing that’s been a long time coming — it is, in fact, entirely coincidental that this blog is beginning in the same week that there have been some big changes at theScore, so please don’t real anything into anything — and hopefully it’s something that will even help my baseball writing, as it allows me to think and write in different ways about other subjects. Or maybe it won’t! Either way, it’s a place where there may or may not be some stuff sometimes. Naturally the title’s a Frisky Dingo reference — watch it already. The image is one I took at the top of Tower Hill, overlooking Peterborough, Ontario.

So.. yeah. Thanks. And I’ll let you know on Twitter if anything ever ends up being posted here.


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